Help Keep Muhammad Safe

URGENT: Help keep Muhammad safe

You may have seen last week’s Guardian article about hosting destitute refugees, featuring our good friend and former guest Muhammad.

Muhammad has yet to see a copy of the paper, because by horrible coincidence he was detained by the Home Office on the very morning it was published. They now plan to forcibly remove him NEXT MONDAY 21 SEPTEMBER and send him back to Pakistan, where he fears for his life.


UPDATE 16/09/15: The Guardian has now published this follow-up piece

Muhammad was badly beaten up and left for dead due to his dad’s political allegiances. His family sold their land to pay people to take him to “a better life” in the UK. The people were traffickers and he ended up in slavery and debt bondage in Manchester, before finding out he could apply for asylum.

Muhammad’s case has never been properly considered by the Home Office. They have refused to take into account expert evidence saying that he exhibits all the signs of having been trafficked into forced labour. Not only this, but Muhammad has serious mental and physical health problems. Doctors have said that he is unfit to fly and that there are no available services in Pakistan to meet his mental health needs. He has on four occasions been driven to suicide attempts by his past experiences and by the level of disbelief and accusation from the Home Office.

Muhammad’s solicitor was preparing to apply for judicial review, the next stage in appealing the Home Office’s decisions. But instead he was detained and taken to Harmondsworth ‘Immigration Removal Centre’ (aka prison). We have visited Muhammad there and it is a truly appalling place that shames Britain, where his mental health cannot possibly be adequately looked after.

Muhammad dreams of safety and stability in his life; of having a home to welcome people to; of one day opening a restaurant and using his skills as a chef.

Muhammad was incredibly touched when we told him about all your expressions of positivity and compassion following the Guardian article. He now needs your support more than ever.


THANK YOU in advance for your support. It means a huge amount.


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